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Spooky Tours of the Haunted Queen Mary

queen-mary-paranormal-toursby Abigail Beal

Many that are curious about the Queen Mary’s history decide to take a tour. The Queen Mary offers several different types of tours that will appeal to those that love all things paranormal. This is an ideal way to see the ship up close and to spend time with others that share your interest in the Queen Mary and “spooky” things!

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4th Saturday of Every Month
Psychic Fair

Universal Mind Science Church
3212 East 8th Street
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 434-3453

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Long Beach is one of the largest cities in California. It is a city well-known for its place in the television and film industries. Many television shows are shot in this city, which is known for its beautiful beaches.

benitoite california state gemstone

Gemstone - Benitoite: To wear benitoite is said to increase your intuition and also your creative abilities.


california flower poppiesFlower - California Poppy: The California Poppy opens us to our intuition and allows us to receive even more abundance into our lives.